World Cocoa and Chocolate Day

Celebrated each 1st October, the World Cocoa and Chocolate Day is dedicated to value the work of small planters from cocoa-producing countries. The purpose is to raise consumers’ awarness of the provenance and the manufacturing conditions of chocolate. Have a look at the Bean-to-Bar Chocolate story linked with 7 Top Recipes based on chocolate.

Cocoa Bean

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Cultivated between the 20 degrees of the North and South latitudes, cocoa pods grow on the trunk of cocoa trees. After the harvest, beans are fermented then dried on the production site. The beans are roasted and roughly crushed to become the nib. Finely ground, the nib turns into the mass, made of a mix of cocoa powder and cocoa butter. After a long kneading which is called “conchage”, the preparation is finally ready to be transformed into chocolate bars!

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