When Fashion Meets Food

By Marie-Laure Fréchet

Food has become a source of inspiration on par with fashion. When paired together, they turn into an unstoppable force. For proof, look no farther than Paris, New York, or Milan. 

Grapefruit on blue background

Food and fashion exist in a world in which values like quality, expertise, aesthetics, and pleasure prevail. They were made to come together and collaborate. However, this means much more than simply passing around appetizers during a fashion show. Co-branding is a powerful publicity tool that helps both brands reach a new clientele through a temporary, limited-series, and therefore attractive product. Luxury and ready-to-wear brands are jumping into this new niche head first.  

Chocolate and lingerie  

Last summer, the launch of the Adidas Originals x AriZona Iced Tea collection attracted huge crowds. Customers could buy a pair of sneakers for the same price as a can of iced tea at the event. The devilishly glamorous Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, after hiring fashion icon Victoria Beckham to revamp the look of its chocolate hearts, called on Carine Gilson, a high-fashion lingerie designer, to oversee its Saint Valentine's Day collection. The collaboration between Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana resulted in the fanciest toaster to every grace a shelf.  

Café Citron, a new Parisian hotspot located in the Galeries Lafayette department store, was founded by the stylist Simon Porte Jacquemus and the CEO of Caviar Kaspia, Ramon Mac-Crohon. Not far away, along the Champs-Elysées, the pastry chef Pierre Hermé and L'Occitane teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind concept store, 86Champs, which features a dessert bar and perfumer's organ under the same roof. A range of delectable flavors and scents are available to enjoy.  


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