What's on your Block ? Let's have a look with Jason Anello

By Vicki Denig

Welcome to Taste France Magazine’s latest series, What’s On Your Block, where we highlight the most beloved French and American ingredients of professionals, aspiring chefs, and passionate foodies alike. This week, we’re introducing you to Jason Anello, Vice President of Brand Experience at Booster Fuels.

What's on your Block ? Let's have a look with Jason Anello

Throughout his versatile career, Jason has developed the design and marketing strategies for countless brands, with hospitality and guest experience at the helm of it all. Prior to his role at Booster Fuels, Jason worked as the CMO for Aurify Brands, where he defined branding and guest experience for MeltShop and Little Beet and Fields Good Chicken, amongst other restaurant brands within the portfolio.

Additionally, Jason credits his Italian-American family for his passion for food, though it wasn’t until college that he began designing within the sector. Post-graduation, Jason honed his aspiring chef skills through hosting dinner parties, launching underground restaurants, and adding the joys of dining experience to as many of his professional projects as possible.

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Jason Anello’s Must-Have French Ingredients:

Fresh Tarragon
Beef demi-glace

Rather than reaching for onions, Jason almost always makes the swap for shallots. “Shallots have just enough difference to up-level an onion flavor and keep guests intrigued,” he says, citing the veggie’s familiar-yet-unique flavor. In the same vein, Jason also deems fresh tarragon as the unsung hero of spices, describing its flavor also as familiar yet unique. For an added touch of texture, Jason reaches for beef demi-glace. “It’s an instant umami bomb for any sauce, as well as an instant presentation level up move,” he says.

Jason’s Must-Have American Ingredients:

Heritage Pork Fat
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

For added depth of flavor and texture, Jason looks to heritage pork fat, which he recommends using in chicken dishes to pork shoulder and beyond. For a taste of Vermont meets Kentucky flare, he looks to none other than Bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup. “It makes one of the best Old Fashioned cocktails, turns pancakes into happy hour, and sweetens with a depth of flavor leaving your mouth curious as to how,” he says.

Lastly, Jason always keeps a stash of oatmeal in his cabinet. “They absorb liquid really well, so overnight oats is an easy option,” he says, stating that indulgent foodies can swap the milk for half and half. Looking to get even more creative? Jason recommends using butter, heavy cream, or even chicken stock for more savory creations.

While not exercising his creativity within his professional projects, Jason continues to explore his passion for food at his home in Queens, New York. Follow Jason’s adventures on his Instagram account @forkingtasty.


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