7 French "Sweet Swaps" to Enjoy This Halloween

By Vicki Denig

It’s no secret that the French know a thing or two about culinary delights, sweet treats included. From world-class pâtisseries to simple bonbons, France has long been a leader in curing sweet tooths around the globe—so why should Halloween be any different? This October, our team at Taste France has put together a list of easy-to-make French swaps for your go-to Halloween candies. Whether hosting a party at home or doling out to trick-or-treaters on the street, look to the delicious options below to add an instant hit of French flare to your upcoming Halloween festivities.  

10 French "Sweet Swaps" to Enjoy This Halloween

American Sweet Treat: Hershey Chocolate Bars 

French Swap: Valrhona Chocolate Bars 

Located in the small southerly village of Tain l’Hermitage, Valrhona has been putting out some of France’s finest artisanal chocolates since 1922. Known for their powerful aromas and smooth flavor profiles, these gastronomic delights are perfect for using in chocolate-based recipes, as well as savoring on their own. Not sure which flavor to choose? This box of 6 Grand Crand Crus is the way to go!


American Sweet Treat: Jolly Ranchers 

French Swap: Lutti Arlequin Candies 

Jolly Ranchers are beloved for their tangy flavors and long-lasting enjoyment periods, which immediately reminds us of Lutti Arlequin candies. Created by the confectioner Lutti nearly 100 years ago, these century-old candies are beloved for their colorful exterior and zesty flavors—plus, their individually-wrapped nature makes them perfectly safe for passing out on Halloween.  


American Sweet Treat: 3 Musketeers or Mallomars 

French Swap: Petit Ourson Guimauve  

French Wink says it best—whether you're 7 or 77 years old, Le Petit Ourson Guimauve might become your new favorite candy! This adorable, bear-shaped chocolate was first invented by M.Catherine in Lille during the early 1960s, and although the company’s sales representatives were skeptical at first, the candies immediately took off in popularity. Similar to Lutti Arlequin, these delicious chocolates’ individually-wrapped nature makes them perfect for popping into trick-or-treaters’ bags on Halloween. After all, what’s better than receiving a surprise chocolate bear? 


American Sweet Treat: Starburst 

French Swap: Krema Regal'ad 

Soft, chewy, and available in numerous fruit flavors? Sounds like Starburst—or Krema Regal’ad—to us! These similar sweet treats are perfect for those who err on the fruity side of things, with the French brand offering slightly more flavors than the standard Starburst four pack, including cherry, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apricot, and orange. If you’re a red Starburst kind of person, Krema Regal’ad’s got not one, but three floors for you to choose from. A triple win! 


American Sweet Treat: Oreos 

French Swap: LU Prince Chocolate Cookies 

We can’t imagine a French child that didn’t have LU cookies as a staple in their diet, especially these tasty Prince biscuits. Similar to oreos, LU Prince Chocolate cookies are crafted like small sandwiches, made from two buttery biscuits filled with chocolate cream—think of it like an American oreo flipped inside out. LU is one of France’s most famous treat brands, with origins dating back to 1850; today, LU still remains the most popular producer of cookies in France. 


American Sweet Treat: Tootsie Roll 

French Swap: Carambar 

Deemed by French Wink as a cross between the American Sugar Daddy and Tootsie Roll, Carambar’s chewy caramel sticks offer a similar sweet treat experience, though with a slightly different—and many would say, better—flavor profile. Best of all, each Carambar wrapper contains a joke inside the wrapper, though we’ll let you decide if French humor is  a swap you’re willing to make… 


American Sweet Treat: Butter Cookies 

French Swap: St Michel Original Madeleines

For fans of simple butter cookies (or literary aficionados with an affinity for Marcel Proust), there’s no better swap on our list than these St. Michel Original Madeleines. These famous treats have been crafted in the small coastal town of Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef (don’t ask for an explanation on the name) for over a century, and still remain a favorite of children and adults alike. Known for their signature shell shape and soft, buttery flavors, these versatile cookies are perfect for enjoying all day long—and thanks to their individual wrapping, are safe candidates for distributing to trick-or-treaters everywhere.  

From our Taste France Magazine family to yours, we wish you a festive, sweet treat-filled Halloween! 

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