Coteaux du Layon
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Coteaux du Layon protected destination of origin

An incredibly rich variety of aromas. The wines included in the Coteaux du Layon protected destination of origin are exceptional sweet wines made from the chenin or pineau de Loire varietals.

Pays de la Loire
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Pays de la Loire
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What you need to know

Dutch traders founded the wine industry in the area around the Layon in the 16th century. Thanks to their high alcohol content, these wines were easy to ship and coincided with the tastes of northern Europeans at the time. The particularly dry, temperate, and oceanic climate, combined with the region's shallow, stony soils that heat up quickly, create the perfect conditions for “noble rot”. The hillsides, which have full sun exposure and are well ventilated, result in an over-ripened grapes with high sugar levels. This harvest is produced by successively handpicking fruit that has been concentrated by noble rot.

How to use

Storing a Coteaux du Layon

Store for five years. Top vintages can be kept for several decades.

Preparing and serving a Coteaux du Layon

Pour into a decanter and serve chilled to 46 °F.

Tasting a Coteaux du Layon

This wine is best enjoyed in a footed glass. Because the grapes are harvested once they become over-ripe, the wine will leave large tears along the rim of the glass.

Pair with

Foie gras and blue-veined cheese are the classic pairing for dessert wines. Wines from the Coteaux du Layon protected destination of origin also pair well with citrus-based desserts, exotic fruits, white fruits like pears and peaches, and almonds.

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